Learning Resource Centre & Library

Learning Resource Centre / Library

The LRC / Library is located on the first floor at the heart of the school.  It provides resources for every student covering all aspects of the curriculum.  Resources include fourteen internet linked computers which also have access to programmes used by each department’s area of study. The Library also houses approximately 4000 books, comprising of fiction, non fiction and reference works. We also stock a range of DVDs, magazines and newspapers.

The Librarians Mrs Milford and Mrs Roulston are assisted by Student Librarians chosen from Year 11+.


Opening Times


9.45am – 3.45pm

Lunch 12.20pm – 12.50pm

Anyone needing to use the Library outside these times needs to seek permission from the Librarians.




How to find things

If you have looked around the Library you will have seen there are thousands of book to choose from. How do you find what you are looking for?

First you need to know that there are 3 main sections

Please CLICK HERE to download plan of LRC and Library


Fiction (Story books)

These are arranged in alphabetical order according to the author’s surname.

If you need help choosing something great to read ask the Librarians, check out websites for new teenage fiction, ask your friends what they are reading or look at the book of the month section of the website.


Non Fiction and Reference

The Non Fiction and Reference books are arranged by the Dewey Decimal System.

These are books about real facts, people, events and places. Each subject is given a unique number and the books are arranged on the shelves from 000 - 999.999. To help you find a book easily the main sections are:

000 – General Works

100 – Psychology and Philosophy

200 – Religion

300 – People in Society

400 – Languages

500 – Natural Sciences

600 – Applied Sciences

700 – Arts

800 – Literature

900- Geography and History


Of course if you are really stuck the Librarian or Student Librarians are always ready to help.

If you want to know more about the Dewey Decimal System check out;


For More Help Check Out Alice

Alice enquiry is on your desktop and is a tool which lets you find out what books we have in stock in the school library


Enter the name of book, author or a topic you are looking for in the box then follow the arrows to see what we have in stock on the Library shelves.


Book of the Month


Author: Simon Mayo


Reviewed by Tim Radford (The Guardian)

You'd have to work quite hard not to like Itchingham Lofte. He's an old-fashioned 14-year-old, ordinary but obsessive. He collects elements the way 14-year-olds once collected football memorabilia or stamps. "There was, he thought, no point in collecting anything else. This was everything else. It was the catalogue of everything that existed in the universe, stripped down to its 118 basic ingredients."

Itch is not halfway to his goal when, in among the fragments of Victorian arsenic-coloured wallpaper, bits of tin, lithium batteries and scrapings of match-head phosphorus, there arrives, one fateful day, a lump of something tentatively identified as element 126.

Element 126 has never been discovered. Itch's new, mysteriously warm bit of rock is intensely radioactive yet puzzlingly stable. It could make fortunes, change the world or even blow it up. Dark corporate forces would love to get their hands on this fiendish unobtainium, and the darkest corporate force of all turns out to be the international energy company that sponsors the academy Itch attends. So he is up to his neck in trouble, though never entirely out of his depth. This is a fast paced adventure that leaves lots of scope for a sequel.

Why not check out Itch at the Library