Business Studies

Two year 11 business studies classes are going ‘head to head’ for the chance to win a Young Enterprise award and get a day out of school at a place of their choice.  It is run along the lines of Alan Sugar’s Young Apprentice programme with each team assigned a year 14 Business Studies student to advise and support.  Both teams have been attending regular meetings to make decisions and plan the selling event which will take place on 14th Fabruary in the youth wing.   They are both highly competitive companies. 

Pictured here is PLATIMUM LOVE who say they are the strongest team and plan to make most profit.  They will be selling cup cakes and pick and mix sweets in the youth wing.  They have also secured a hamper courtesy of Marks & Spencer which will be raffled among staff.

Also they have organised a Pink Accessory Theme day where profits will go to Breast Cancer.  Everyone should wear a pink accessory [and they have encouraged staff to join in too!] eg jewellery, scarf, wigs, hats.


Year 10 Enterprise Day


In today’s economic climate, Business Studies is an important and worthwhile qualification.  No matter what you decide to do when you leave school, the chances are you will be inbolbed in some way in a business.  Business Studies helps you to understand more about how and why businesses operate in the way that they do.


Why study Business Studies?

In studying this course you will:
• Have an understanding of what is happening in the news;
• Learn about the perspectives of different stakeholders in business and economic activities;
• Understand the changing use of ICT in business and economic activities; and
• Gain a knowledge of business that will provide a basis for possible further study.


What will I study?

Unit 1 Business Start up
This unit will cover the three following themes:

Business Start Up:  You will study how a business starts up and the importance of the role of the entrepreneur.  You will also learn about the sources of finance.

Production: You will study the types and methods of production; quality assurance models and health and safety.

Marketing: You will learn about customer’s needs and wants. You will study: methods of market research and sampling; competition that a business may face; and the marketing mix [the four Ps – price, place, product, promotion]

Unit 2 Business Development
This unit will cover four following themes:

Finance: You will have the opportunity to use ratio analysis to interpret final accounts. You will also use management accounting techniques to help you make decisions.

Managing People: You will learn about recruitment and selection; and developing people through training, motivation and appraisal.

Business Growth: You will study why a business succeeds or fails’ and why it may grow. You will also study international business and e-commerce.

Business Plan: You will learn about the content of business plans and the reasons for developing them.  You will also have the opportunity to construct and to evaluate a business plan.


How will I be assessed?
There are two external assessments worth 35% and 40% respectively and one controlled assessment worth 25%.

Type of Assessment

Business Studies – Theory – Unit 1
Unit 1 will be a written examination of 1 hour 20 minutes duration and will have structured questions.  The examination paper is worth 35% of the overall GCSE qualification and is taken at the end of year 11.

Business Studies  Unit 2
The written examination for Unit 2 will be of 1 hour 40 minutes duration and will have three structured questions with an incline of difficulty.  This examination paper is worth 40% of the overall GCSE qualification and is taken at the end of year 12.

Controlled assessment
You will complete one task from a range of tasks which CCEA will issue to centres. Each task is worth 25% of the overall GCSE qualification.


How can I find out more?

 CCEA microsite www.ccea.orguk/business_studies