About Dromore High School

History of the School

The school was opened in 1958 and extended in 1978 to meet the increasing demand for places.  In 1979 a purpose built Youth Annex was added.  A major extension scheme was completed in 1996 which provided a new block of classrooms and workshops.  The inside of the original building has also been completely refurbished.  A new playing field complex, on the Banbridge Road, is now available for use and includes a floodlit all-weather pitch and tennis court.  Two additional Science rooms were added in 1999.

Dromore High School is a co-educational and non-selective school situated twenty miles south of Belfast in the centre of CountyDown.  It serves 920  pupils originating from an area surrounding the school.

We are extremely proud of our ethos, academic achievements, extra curricular opportunities, good discipline and the friendly and caring environment, all of which are reflected in our Vision Statement, ‘Caring for Children’.  The strong relationship between governors, staff, parents and pupils encourages a strong positive self-image.

 School Aims

  • Develop enquiring minds/curiosity;
  • Become highly motivated life-long learners;
  • Be flexible and adaptable and so prepare for the changes and chances of today’s complex society;
  • Have high self-esteem, respecting themselves and others, and the environment;
  • Establish individual and collaborative work patterns;
  • Achieve high standards in all areas of the curriculum;
  • Gain advanced technological skills;
  • Extend themselves in mind, body and spirit;
  • Adopt clear high standards of reference in morality, religion and etiquette; and
  • Become skilled decision makers.

 Mission Statement

We believe that every child will succeed through experiencing quality in:

  • A broad and challenging curriculum;
  • An enriching programme of extra-curricular visits and activities;
  • A stimulating learning environment with a rich, varied and up-to-date range of learning resources;
  • Innovative teaching and an investigative approach to learning;
  • An ethos of support, challenge and encouragement to succeed; and
  • Learning partnerships between school, home and the community.

 We believe that all staff will succeed in their teaching through experiencing quality in;

  • A stimulating working environment;
  • INSET training;
  • Equal opportunities.