Chess & Draughts Club

The Chess and Draughts Club meets every Thursday at break-time and there is a good mix of pupils from all year groups.

The main event of the year is the Chess and Draughts House competition, which comes to a conclusion at the end of February. This year there was a good level of entry for both competitions and a spread of entrants from all three Houses.

The results were as follows:


Chess Competition


Draughts Competition

Quarter Final

James Camblin 12H (P) bt.

Curtis McCambley 10R (CH)


Nathan McClughan 10R (CH) bt.

Nathan Beattie 10L (P)


Simon Henderson 12H (CH) bt.

Oliver Beatty 8H (P)


Rory Shannon 12R (P) bt.

Nathanael McCabe 9H (CH)




Quarter Final

Nathanael McCabe 9H (CH) bt.

Ryan Corbett 9H (P)


Matthew Hawthorne 11A (CH) bt.

Andrew Grafton 12L (P)


Nicholas McCord 10R (CH) bt.

Blake McVeigh 12A (F)


Cameron Porter 11S (F) bt.

David Pyper 10R (F)



Semi Final

James Camblin bt. Nathan McClughan

Simon Henderson bt. Rory Shannon



Semi Final

Matthew Hawthorne bt. Nathanael McCabe

Nicholas McCord bt. Cameron Porter



James Camblin bt. Simon Henderson



Nicholas McCord bt. Matthew Hawthorne

House Points

Cowan Heron         14

Ferguson               3

Percy                    16


House Points

Cowan Heron         13

Ferguson              9

Percy                    14


Congratulations to  James Camblin, winner of the Chess competition, and Nicholas McCord, winner of the Draughts competition.


I. Todd