Music Department

Pupils provide Musical Entertainment for Floral Art Exhibition


Year 9 pupil Anna and Year 10 pupil Morgan provided musical entertainment at the recent Exhibition of Floral Art at Hillsborough Presbyterian Church


Music Department receives visit from RAF Central Band

 On a recent visit to Dromore High School the Central Band of the Royal Air Force performed an entertaining concert for year 8 and 9 pupils.  The band played a selection of music from the military band repertoire and modern day tunes including, music from James Bond, The Simpsons, The Beatles, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and Abba.




Pictured are members of the band of the Royal Air Force with pupils Stewart and Nathanael who played with the band during the concert, also included is Mr V. Currie, Music Teacher.


Every pupil studies music for the first three years (Key Stage 3) at school.  You can then choose to follow a GCSE course or Levels 1 and 2 Occupational Studies (Key Stage 4) and after that go on to study GCE A Level Music.
Being involved with music in a meaningful and knowledgeable way will add greatly to the quality of your life.  Studying music develops many healthy and productive habits that will carry over into your adult life as it takes self-discipline, social skills, concentration and perseverance to perform in a school band, orchestra or choir. And of course studying music is lots of fun.


Key Stage 3 Music
You will have opportunities to:
• Learn about a wide different musical styles and traditions.
• Compose and perform your own pieces and as part of a group.
• Learn a how to play a musical instrument of your choice – there’s lots to choose from including: guitar, piano, drums, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, violin and voice. 
• Sit external exams with LCM and ABRSM.
• Join and perform as part of a musical group including: orchestra, choir, band and accordion.

GCSE Music
This popular GCSE course attracts lots of pupils.  It’s a great qualification to have on a personal level because of the fulfillment and skills you will develop and is one valued by many employers.  You will develop your critical and creative thinking, and communication skills.
You will have opportunities to:
• Learn more about musical traditions and styles across the world
• Take your learning on a musical instrument to Grade 4 and beyond
• Find out more about the CCEA GCSE Music course and examination by clicking here>

Levels 1 and 2 Occupational Studies
Occupational Studies is a great choice to learn for work, through work and about work. It’s ideal for you if you prefer to develop your skills in a more practical, work-related environment.