Dromore High School has a very professional staff who are not only interested in the academic performance of their pupils but also in their social, emotional and spiritual development.

All staff have a specific responsibility for the general welfare of pupils.  However, a recognised structure also exists to care for the pupils in an effective way.


Has overall responsibility for the welfare of the staff and pupils

Vice Principal

They provide advice and support staff and pupils

Year Heads

Year groups have a Year Head who is in overall charge.  They liaise with other class teachers in the year group and have an overall responsibility for pupils in their year group.

Year 8 - Mrs Leckey

Year 9 - Mr Todd

Year 10 - Mr Benade

Year 11 - Mr Currie

Year 12 - Mr Cousins

Sixth Form - Mrs Scott

Form Tutors

These are the key people in the pastoral care system.  They have specific academic and pastoral responsibilities.  The pupils meet their form tutor every morning before and after assembly.  They endeavour to get to know all pupils within the classes and monitor all aspects of their work.  Where necessary, they will make initial contact with parents.

The pastoral care system is not something separate from the teaching system of the school.