The history department strives to inspire all our pupils to develop an appreciation and enjoyment of the rich cultural heritage around them. Our aim is to teach local, national and global history and give the pupils an understanding of the events and people which have shaped the world in which they live.




Year 8  Topics Covered

* Who am I ?

*  Norman Conquest and Society

*  Interpretations of the Titanic

Year 9 Topics Covered

*  Tudors and Stuarts

*  The  1960s


Year 10  Topics Covered

*  World War 1 and its Impact

*   Unionism and  Nationalism


GCSE History Topics Covered

OCR Exam Board

* Weimar Republic / Nazi Germany

* International Relations

* British Depth study1906-1918

 *Controlled Assessment

A Level History   Topics Covered

AS Level

* France 1815 -1871

* Nazi Germany

A2 Level

* Liberalism and Nationalism in Europe 1815 -1914.

* The partition of Ireland 1900-1925.



Ten Reasons to learn History!

1. History gives students an opportunity to develop basic skills: reading, writing, and analytical thinking.

2. History helps students better understand the society in which they live.

3. History helps students better understand human beings, and in the process of understanding others, students can better understand themselves as individuals..

4. History helps students understand people who are different.

5. History allows students to gain perspective and learn to see a bigger picture.

6. History can inspire students.

7. History can provide students with a reason for being; it can give meaning to their lives.

8. History can help students feel a sense of connection.

9. History is entertaining and fun!

10. History allows students to dream and wonder; it gives them the opportunity to imagine a better future.