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Congratulations U16 Rugby Team

on winning High School Trophy at Ravenhill

60 - 7

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U16 Boys Rugby Team - High Schools Trophy Final at Ravenhill

Line up



Captain of the team. A very good rugby player with great potential. Great understanding of the game. Good kicker and excellent player

Year 12


Very good runner in open play. Good attitude and scored some good tries

Year 12



Very good all round player. Strong Runner. Excellent attitude

Year 11



Very physical, always take 2/3 defenders to get him down. Great potential

Year 11


Very powerful runner, excellent finisher, and very quick. Great potential and top try scorer in team

Year 12



Excellent defender and very quick. Very good distributor of the ball. key player in team

Year 12


Position: 9

Excellent pass, good runner in open play. Very important player for team and always keep the defenders honest. Great potential

Year 12


Position: 8

Very powerful runner, excellent finisher. Strong and very physical rugby player. Good man to have in your team

Year 12

Position: 7

Excellent line out jumper. Very good in open play. Excellent attitude

Year 12

Position: 6

Outstanding and talented rugby player. Great with ball in hand, excellent finisher and very physical in contact area. Great potential and brilliant attitude.

Year 12

Position: 5

The big “tackler” in our team. Very physical when carry ball and in defence. Excellent attitude and good man to have in a team

Year 12


Position: 4

Excellent line out jumper. Very good in open play. Excellent attitude in very good in contact area

Year 11


Position: 3

Great Rugby player with great potential. Excellent attitude and very important player. Very good ball carrier

Year 10

Position: 2

Good line out thrower. Aggressive and very physical in contact area. Workrate excellent

Year 11

Absent from photo

Position: 1

Player who made the most progress in last 2 years. Very important player in team. Excellent attitude

Year 12

Position: 2

Very good line out thrower. Good ball carrier, very unlucky with injuries this year

Year 12


Position: 4

Great runner in open play, Big Unit who carries very well

Year 12


Position: 5

Great player when game opens up, great with ball in hand and always keeps ball alive. Good attitude

Year 12


Position: 9

Very good passer of the ball. Good kicker and always keep the defence on their toes.

Good Player

Year 11


Position: 11

Very quick and great attitude. good runner with ball when in space.

Year 12

Position 14

Good strong ball carrier and always making yards. Very strong with ball in hand

Year 12


Position: 15

Very quick and excellent finisher. Not afraid to run ball back. Good finisher

Year 12

Dromore High School vs Ballynahinch High School U/16 Final

16th April 2013

This years campaign started in October 2012 with TJ Morris lifting the Pollock Cup continuing Dromore’s dominance in the competition winning the Cup for the 10th year in a row.

We had excellent fixtures throughout the year to get us ready for this years U/16 competition by playing against very strong Grammar schools 2nd and 3rd fifteen teams.

We had great victories against Banbridge Academy, Down High, Grosvenor and RS Armagh.

Our first big opposition was in the ¼ final when we played Downshire, and we knew this will be a big test for us, remembering this was the school who knocked us out last year in the 2nd Round. We were drawn away to Downshire  and I know that if we played to our potential we can walk away with a good victory.

Preparations were very good and the commitment of the boys during training could tell that we were ready for this game.

My theory was confirmed and we played excellent Rugby scoring 6 brilliant tries against a very good Downshire Team. Final score 39-5

Semi-Final was against Ballymoney and we were delighted to have a home draw. Boys worked very hard and with a few new calls that we worked on during the 2 weeks, I knew our boys were ready and up for the challenge.

Our play in the first 25 minutes was untouchable; we did exactly what we talked about doing in our build up to the game, and robbed Ballymoney of any hope. It was an excellent team performance and a great victory.

The final at Ravenhill, something to savor and it is a fantastic reward for school boys to play on the same pitch as the professionals whom they wish to emulate.

Good luck boys, you deserve to be there especially with all the hard work you guys put in throughout the season. Thanks for all the parents who dropped of the boys in the mornings early and picked up again in the afternoon.

Mr. J. Benade


Congratulations to our U16 Boys Rugby Team for winning The Pollock Cup for the 12th year in a row.


Monday 3.30pm - 4.45pm

Year 12, 13 and 14 - Mr Benade, Mr Bronte and Mr Harshaw

Tuesday 3.30pm - 4.45pm

Year 10 - Mr Bronte and Mr Kirk

Wednesday 3.30 pm - 4.45 pm

Year 8 and 9 - Mr Benade and Mr Bronte

Thursday 3.30pm - 4.45pm

Year 11 - Mr Benade, Mr Haslam and Mr Sleator


 Rugby Fixtures 2012 / 2013

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U13 - Click Here

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Results 2012 / 2013




Banbridge Academy  17 – Dromore High School 34

(tries by -Ben Heath, James Smyth, Christopher Malcomson, David Lyttle, Samuel McMurry, James Moore conversion 2 by David Lyttle)


Campbell College 17 – Dromore High School 10

(Tries by David Ringland x2)


Friends  5 - Dromore High School 31

( Tries by David Lyttle, Christopher Malcomson, Ben Heath, Reuben Cobb, Jonathan Scott. Conversions by David Lyttle x 3)




Wellington 0 vs Dromore  55

(Tries scored by Robyn Cantley 2, Aaron Atkinson 2, Eliot Forbes, Luke Fitzsimons 2, Ben Davis 2, Conversions by David Lyttle x5)


Grosvenor 5 vs Dromore 12

(Tries by Ben Davis, Aaron Atkinson, conversion David Lyttle)


Campbell College 7 vs Dromore 0


Banbridge Academy 22 vs Dromore 10

(Tries by Aaron Atkinson x2)




Wellington College 0 vs Dromore 57

(Tries by Marcus Heath 2, Kurtis Jackson 2, Jack Morton 2, Matthew McMaster 2, Joshua Brame, Conversion by Alex Walker x6)


Banbridge Academy 22 vs Dromore 10

(Tries by Kurtis Jackson and Jack Morton)