Languages Department


The aims of language teaching are to :

  • develop understanding of the spoken and written forms of French / German in a range of contexts
  • develop the ability to communicate effectively in the language through both the spoken & written word using a range of vocabulary & structures
  • develop knowledge & understanding of the grammar of the language, and the ability to apply it
  • apply their knowledge & understanding in a variety of relevant contexts which reflect their previous learning & maturity
  • develop knowledge & understanding of countries & communities where the language is spoken
  • develop positive attitudes to language learning
  • provide a suitable foundation for further study and/or practical use of the language

The study of Modern Languages is skills based. The 4 skills are :

  • Listening
  • Speaking
  • Reading
  • Writing

Key Stage 3

In Year 8 pupils are randomly selected to study either French or German. In special circumstances parental choice may be considered. This request must be made before Intake Night.

Key Stage 4

 In Years 11 & 12 all Top Band pupils will study a language to GCSE level.

Middle Band pupils are given the option to continue with their language studies to GCSE level.

Languages for GCSE

Why choose Languages ?

There are many opportunities in an almost limitless range of occupations for people with language skills at all levels.

What has brought this about?

Not only has the European Union become, in effect, one huge and expanding multinational, multilingual job market, UK businesses are also having to adapt to an increasingly international trading environment facilitated by the internet. Languages are simply becoming more and more important in career terms.


What will I study ?

The AQA Modern Languages Specification A has been developed to meet the needs of the revised National Curriculum.

Candidates will be prepared to use the language for practical communication and to continue with further study of the language.

The 4 units of speaking, writing, listening and reading are weighted as follows:

  • Speaking 30%
  • Writing 30%
  • Listening 20%
  • Reading 20%


The examination can be taken at two levels in listening and reading - Foundation and Higher. In writing and speaking differentiation is by outcome.

  • Foundation level will enable candidates to obtain a grade from C-G
  • Higher level will enable candidates to obtain a grade from A*-D
  • Listening and Reading are taken as terminal exams in Year 12.
  • Two controlled speaking tasks are completed over Years 11 and 12 and are internally assessed.
  • Two controlled writing tasks are completed over Years 11 and 12 and are externally assessed.

 German Exchange 2011

German Exchange 2011